Monday, August 06, 2007

Word of warning to conservatives: ignore netroots at your own peril....

Rick Moran covered the just-completed Yearly Kos convention for Pajamas Media over the weekend. In his Rightwing Nuthouse follow-up post he wrote:
Ignore or make sport of the netroots at your own peril. Underestimate them and you will get the holy living crap kicked out of you in 2008. These people are organizing far beyond blogs and blog readers. And that organization extends almost down to the precinct level as I’m sure next year’s Netroots Convention will show (they’ve decided to rename the shindig in order to move it away from one guy’s blog).

They are determined, well funded, optimistic, committed, and excited. The GOP is uncertain, underfunded, hopeful but pessimistic, dispirited, and seemingly leaderless, rudderless, and without an agenda.

Who do you think is in better shape going into next year’s contest?
Are Republican electeds listening? Is the Republican Party listening?

You need look no further than the Shenandoah Valley for examples of how these extremists are moving in.

We have a democrat running for Augusta County Board of Supervisors, a woman who moved here three years ago, a woman who has demonstrated in local anti-war rallies and was photographed holding a sign with the number of dead Americans in Iraq. We have another sympathizer as part of the Augusta County Democrat Party.

We had activists standing on the street in downtown Staunton last summer to greet Senator George Allen when he was campaigning in this area. We had local extremists filming Congressman Bob Goodlatte's most recent townhall meeting in Staunton included staged anti-war questions.

The Republican Party had better wake up. Instead of fighting each other it's time to turn our attention to the real enemy ... the lefty liberal democrats.


Spank That Donkey said...

You got C6 blowing their gaskets again....

is the 6 like their grade school level? It seems fitting?

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Eddie Garcia and Clifford Garstand -- are they on their daily diatribe about SWAC and SWAC Girl? Heh.

Sunday while I was out of town Ed Garcia aka Kestrel9000/ Cobalt6 left a comment on my site that ended, "If you do not publish this comment, as well as an apology and a retraction, your lie will be frontpaged on Cobalt6, and you will again be discredited."

Excuse me?

Can you say o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d?

cafe de emporia said...

...and I love how they bring me into the picture in one of their last comments...