Monday, August 13, 2007

VA Tech tragedy opens discussion about guns on campus....

"In a sense [students] don't have the same rights to self-defense on campus as the generatl public. It's really lopsided the way it works." --George Mason University student and Marine veteran Andrew Dysart

Because of gun restrictions on school properties, some say our students are sitting ducks at the mercy of deranged gunmen like Virginia Tech's Cho Seung-Hui whose rampage in April killed 32 people before he turned the gun on himself.

However, students like Andrew Dysart, a Marine veteran, disagree with those laws and would like to see changes. He is one of the Students for Concealed Carry On Campus members on over 60 campuses nationwide working toward allowing students with proper permits to carry on campus.

"They [VA Tech students] should have had the chance to defend themselves if it came down to that," he said of the tragedy.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has the story here.

Also check out Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.

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