Sunday, August 26, 2007

Illegal aliens and crime ... a growing problem in America

A fatal car crash caused by an illegal alien kills teenagers in Virginia Beach. In New Jersey three college students returning to school are lined up and executed with gunshots to the head by two illegal aliens. In Boulder, Colorado, eight illegals rape eight women and then escape back to Mexico.

Drugs, gangs, robberies, rape, murder ... these are crimes committed by some of the 14 million undocumented people who are illegally in our country ... and our government has done little to combat it, leaving all Americans vulnerable. Many don't speak up because of politcal correctness and, yet, people are dying because of our silence.

If you care about this subject you must read Forbidden Subject: Illegal Aliens and Crime by Chet Dembeck at the Last Reporter blog.

H/T: Delmarva Dealings

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