Monday, August 13, 2007

"War is never a straight line" ...

Win the War has a post by Jack from The World's Ruined that begins:
War is never a straight line kind of operation. There are advances. There are pullbacks. There are periods of losing and periods of pressing forward to victory. ... the losses sustained in the first several years of World War II were massive and intensely discouraging. One could easily have assessed by the end of 1942 that the Allied forces were not only losing against Germany and Japan but they could very well actually go down in defeat.
Jack ends by saying:
But our military has been learning and adjusting. And al Qaeda is on the defensive. The tide is turning.
Read the entire post here.


Blackhorse11ACR said...

What a bunch of crap..."the first several years of WW2 were...discouraging" !?! We were only in WW2 for 4 years! And we kicked ass in pretty a much a straight line right thru until '45. Even if you count from 9/1/1939 "several years" still gets you well past any rough spots. This is more of the old "stay the course" argument...I doubt Bush even believes this BS anymore.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Go back and check your history book. You seem to be looking at WW II with rosy-colored glasses. It was two steps forward and one step back in many cases -- no ramrod advance as you seem to imply.

You, obviously, wouldn't believe it if a history book hit you up side the head because you sound as if you would bash George W. Bush no matter what.

Thanks for stopping by ... now go check out a WW II book.