Thursday, August 02, 2007 -- Win the War!

"If I could only have one [thing] at this point in Iraq, it would be more time." -- General David Petraeus July 10, 2007

A wonderful web site called offers a smorgasboard of information for those researching the war in Iraq, providing one-stop shopping when looking for:

* Integrated maps and charts. Check the metrics page, or the Major Operations Map , which shows information on the significant offensive operations that have kicked off recently.

* Automatic aggregation of official US news sources, including MNF-Iraq , Centcom , and DoD .

* Exerpts and links to the latest blog posts from key new media sources like Michael Yon, Michael Totten, Bill Roggio and

* Document library including documents such as the latest status reports from DoD and the State Department

* A full-text search engine that includes all content on the site --- including PDF's in the document library joins others who want to see victory in Iraq including Appeal for Courage, Gathering of Eagles, Families United, Fisher House , Move America Forward, Semper Fi Fund, Soldiers Angels, Spirit of America, and Vets for Freedom.

H/T: Kilo at Spark It Up!! and Charlie at Good Sense


Carl Kilo said...

Thank you for the link!

That site is tremendous. I cant imagine the work that went into setting it up.
It is better than any MSM or website I have found for military news. I am glad you posted about it so your readers will find it and sign up.
When I saw the site and explored it, you and Flora came to mind. I thought these two ladies will appreciate this!
You and the UCV crew can contribute a lot to the site. The cause is noble and I was proud to sign up.
Charlie at GoodSense directed me to it. This is one site I am thankful to have found! Enjoy

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Thank you for pointing me to that site and, yes, you are correct. It is chocked full of information to research articles countering libs or just pumping up those here on the homefront.

Imagine that you thought of Flora and me! ;) If I'm identified with anything I'm proud it's pro-troops.

I went back and credited Charlie along with you (and also popped over to his site to wish him well during surgery). Thanks, Carl. You're a GREAT AMERICAN.

Charlie Fugate said...

Thanks to you both.I appreciate the well wishes. Surgery is going to happen sometime in early September. Getting all the nerve tests done will be the hardest part I think.

The Metrics page is significant because if you'll check it out, it shows that enemy weapons found has been increasing while sectarian violence and coalition fatalities have been slowly decreasing. Haven't agree with the President on much lately, but I have to stand with him on this. WE MUST WIN IN Iraq and Afghanistan.

Carl Kilo said...

Charlie, The metrics page is awesome. Heck the whole site is amazing. I have spent a lot of time there.
Off subject here...But have y'all noticed that lefty blogs never link to any military sites or bloggers?