Monday, August 06, 2007

This is how the libs respect the troops? --UPDATED

On Saturday I posted a Pajamas Media link about the controversial removal of a uniformed military member (now identified as Sgt. David D. Aguina) who stood up at the Yearly Kos convention in Chicago and questioned the panel discussing "The Military and Progressives: Are They Really That Different?" He challenged their facts but was removed from the premises. Little Green Footballs posted Kos diaries questioning the left's handling of the incident.

Today the Kossacks are arguing the military member was not permitted to speak while in uniform and that Kos had actually done him a favor by removing him before he "got in trouble" with his higher-ups. To refute his right to speak out in uniform is this post from Carolyn:

As a retired military attorney who advised members on whether they could participate in political activities in the past, I can tell you that the soldier could attend the convention in uniform. The Kos convention (although to the left) is not a "political activity" like one in which a participant endorses a candidate's campaign or participates in a protest. I would agree that the people attending, and their leftist opinions, could be described as political, but this does not make the event political in a legal determination for whether an active duty member could attend while in uniform.
Check out Michelle Malkin's take on the Kossacks.

Frank J. over at IMAO wrote the following after the scuffle at Yearly Kos when the military member questioned the anti-war rhetoric and was removed from the premises:

So here is how liberals avoid debate on the war for those keeping score:

* You’ve Never Served: You’re a chickenhawk so they ignore the merits of your argument.

* You Did Serve: You’re still a chickenhawk for not serving now so they ignore the merits of your argument.

* You Are Serving: It’s illegal for you to speak about the war so they ignore the merits of your argument.
That about sums it up.

Reminds me of an incident in the SWAC area two years ago when the Augusta Coalition for Peace and Justice, an umbrella group under, had an anti-war booth set up at the African-American Festival in Staunton. When I mentioned that the photos they displayed of American soldiers and Marines killed in Iraq was not always appreciated by the families of those soldiers and Marines I was told it was just a war for oil and that those men had died for oil. I replied it was a war against terrorism, that Iraq was in possession of its oil and we paid for oil for America ... and then the hypocrisy of the "war for oil" statement made me wonder about something.

I looked at the woman who was old enough to be my mother and asked, "How did you get here today ... walk?" A younger woman working the booth immediately shouted, "I'm going to ask you to leave or I'll have someone remove you."

I had asked a simple question. The response proved freedom of speech and tolerance were just talking points for the lefty liberals.

Hypocrisy continues to reign in the liberal camp. The military member speaking up at YKos to counter one-sided propaganda would have been hailed as a hero by those same minions if he had been against President George W. Bush and the war in Iraq. In uniform? It wouldn't have mattered. However, he dared to speak up in defense of a war he participated and believed in.

Perhaps the panel could have listened to a counter-discussion? Instead, this incident makes Yearly Kos appear to be an indoctrination ceremony for hundreds of young impressionable minds by shutting down dissent in a very unceremonious way.

It's the same with Fox News Channel where pros and cons of issues are discussed with representatives who present the merits of both sides. However, libs in general and Daily Kos in particular targeted Fox News as "right wing" and, therefore, intimidated the democrat presidential candidates to cancel a planned debate on the network.

Are the liberals afraid of fair and balanced discussion?

On the Daily Kos website the diarists who were appalled at the disrespect shown to a soldier were treated to the same behavior the libs have used on conservatives.

Profanity-laced diatribes and threats will accomplish nothing. Screaming at each other only undermines the morale of our country and sets us up for ridicule in the eyes of the world.


Steve Harkonnen said...

A younger woman working the booth immediately shouted, "I'm going to ask you to leave or I'll have someone remove you."

I wish I was the one being asked that question, for I would've challenged her, or the person who was going to remove me. I would've loved to have seen how they would "remove" me.

Progressive said...

SWAC girl, I feel it necessary to correct you on several of your comments. Since I was present at the incident at the AAF, I recall it well. The younger woman intervened because you were being very intimidating to the older woman. You were asked to leave her alone, but no one said anything about having you removed. Also your statement that the Augusta Coalition for Peace and Justice is an umbrella group under MoveOn is totally false. While we may do some activities with MoveOn, the majority of our members do not belong to it. As for your comments on "extremist" moving in, perhaps you should look in the mirror. Thank you

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Unionman, I don't recall a man anywhere within hearing distance that day ... just the two women.

"Very intimidating" to the older woman? How? By asking, "How did you get here today ... walk?" when she said it was a war for oil? Your definition of "intimating" and mine must be very different. It was a legitimate question and not asked in a threatening way.

I was not asked to "leave her alone"; I was asked to leave and told I would be removed if I didn't. It was as simple as that.

As to Peace and Justice being an umbrella group for ... they are listed as one of the groups under whether all the participants are members of MoveOn or not.

I am a conservative. Thank you.

Winged Hussar 1683 said...

The original Cossacks were anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic, and it seems that the Kossacks have picked up on this. As an example, a comment at the Daily Kos referred to Catholics as "blood-drinking pope-worshipping superstitious hoopleheads."

Another Kos posting asked its readers to "Imagine a world without Israel."