Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thank You, Karl Rove

The libs are gleeful that Karl Rove is resigning from the White House the end of this month. He is finally going to escape the knife-stabbing, shark-infested cess pool that is Washington, D.C. politics. He has stayed there longer than most can stand it ... and has done a good job for the President.

The libs can't drag his name through the mud enough. They are beside themselves with delight, offering up slams on his character, his job, and his influence.

Heh. Karl Rove was effective ... and that's what the libs didn't like. He took their game ... and perfected it. And they can't stand it.

He was with the Governor in Texas, he stayed with him when he went to D.C. as President, he stayed into the second term ... he's been a loyal and valuable ally.

I met Karl once, in the airport in Austin when my sister, also on the Bush campaign, introduced me to him. It was the 2000 election ... and everyone was in limbo. They were later to move to D.C. to work with this man they admired. But Karl stuck it out longer than most of the others.

Thank you, Karl. You will be missed.

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Vox Populi said...

I can see that you are beyond help. what does an aging bald before his time man who is corrupt inspire in you??

I picture you all being surgically separated one day when the front one of you stops suddenly.

Karl is the bad kid from the playground. He didn't copy anything from the Dems. He caged voters, schemed to have a president selected .... lost his hair over it .. this is NOT a smart man.
I do not normally participate in moderated small blogs but I will check back to see if you published my comments which I doubt will happen.
Please read and understand history before you put hammer to metal.