Friday, August 17, 2007

A pizza for my country ... support Tricia Stall

From James Atticus Bowden....

Shakespeare’s King Richard III cried, “A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!” He would give his country to save himself. Today, we need to give a pizza to save our country, or at least part of it – our Virginia. Actually, we just need the money to buy a pizza. Only 10 to 20 dollars. Right.

You see, the Virginia’s tax and spend politicians – both Democrat and Republican – insist their tax increases (sales tax ’04, transportation tax ’07) only cost a Virginia family about $10 to $20 dollars a month. That’s for the bogus average Virginia family of about 1.3 persons – and other cooked book number concoctions.

In fact, taxes eat at the little discretionary cash a real family has. After rising gas prices take their big bites, there can be very little left. So, the tax increases really do matter when it comes to ordering out that pizza for the family or not. The tax increases kill jobs. Every $150 million in taxes kills about 5000 jobs. So, when too many families can’t have that pizza on family night at home, the pizza place has cut workers – or not hire. The minimum wage workers are the first to go.

It’ll take spending the money for a pizza a month, to elect at least one populist, Conservative Republican to the Virginia Senate – to roll back the tax hikes on Virginia’s families. Giving $10 or $20 a month – for August, September, and October 2007 can help get Tricia Stall elected as the Senator from Virginia’s 1st Senate District on The Peninsula.

Tricia took out tax-and-spend incumbent Marty Williams in the June 12th Republican primary. She was outspent over 10:1! She had the people, the real grassroots of the good people of Virginia, with her.

Winning the general election means going up against the same big money, big government, higher taxes, fat cat good ole boy power. The Democrats and their Mo’-Government-makes-me-rich business allies will put in over $1 million in this race.

We had a fund raiser at my house for Tricia Stall recently. We made almost $2 thousand. $2 thousand vs. $1 million is long odds. Of course, when Tricia helped the grassroots effort so much on the kNOw Campaign to beat the ’02 Transportation Tax Scam, we beat $2.2 million with $40 thousand. So, we really need that extra $20 thousand or so to win this race.

If one thousand Virginians buy Tricia a $10 pizza - in other words make a $10 donation on line – for August, September and October, she will have $30 thousand to stand up to the Million Dollar Monster of unelected, unaccountable Regional Government, transportation plans that don’t work, more taxes, more eminent domain abuses, and coddling illegal aliens to exploit their cheap labor – and place their every burden on the taxpaying citizens.

Tricia Stall really needs that donation worth the price of pizza or two. For just a few months. One election season. And, it’s so easy. Look at the right column of this blog – and click on the pizza icon. Make your secure donation on-line.

If you can afford to give more than a pizza – then donate the gebillion, gazillion, gajillion dollars the Lord has blessed you to give.

The Good People of Virginia can take back our General Assembly one seat at a time. At the cost of one pizza or two from every family, each month this election time.

A pizza! Two pizzas! A pizza for Tricia Stall! A Pizza for our Commonwealth! A Pizza for our Country!

Make mine pepperoni, please. Here is the url for this piece - and the icon working on my site.

Please let Conservatives, Libertarians and contrarians across the Commonwealth know about a pizza for Tricia.

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