Sunday, August 19, 2007

In memory of Lt. Cameron N. Hall, U.S. Navy

In Memory
Lt. Cameron N. Hall, 30
United States Navy
Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron
USS Harry S. Truman
Killed in Hawkeye plane crash
August 15, 2007

Nephew of our Military Mom, USAF veteran Shannon Taylor
and cousin to her daughter Brandi Taylor, USAF

I received sad news from Military Mom Shannon Taylor. Her nephew, Lt. Cameron Hall, 30, from Natchitoches, LA, was killed Wednesday in the Navy plane that crashed into the ocean after taking off from the USS Harry S. Truman. Cameron, who was unmarried, was a Naval Flight Officer and an instructor, and had been with the squadron since April 2006. They were training to deploy to the Middle East. Shannon said he was a great all-around guy and you couldn't ask for a better military guy.
Also killed in the crash were Lieutenant Ryan K. Betton, 31, of Collinsville, Va, who was married with a two-year-old son; and Lieutenant Junior Grade Jerry R. Smith, 25, of Greenville, Me, who also was single.
A memorial service will be held at the Navy base in Norfolk on Thursday, August 23, at 1:00 p.m.
Cameron's dad, Evan, is Shannon's brother, part of a proud military family. He served as a warrant officer in the U.S. Army. Shannon is an Air Force veteran; her daughter, Brandi, is a SSgt. in the Air Force stationed at Beale AFB in California.
Shannon became known as "Military Mom" in Augusta County because her daugher, Brandi, was stationed with the United States Air Force in South Korea four years ago when the first anti-war protesters hit the streets of Staunton. Brandi, stationed half a world away, wondered what was going on ... and thus began the Support the Troops rallies in the SWAC area.
Today Shannon signed herself as a Proud Military Aunt.
Our prayers go to Shannon, Brandi, and their family at this sad time. Our thanks to them all for their service to our country. We are grateful.
May God bless them all.

USS Harry S. Truman

KSLA-TV 12 (Shreveport, LA) news video about Lt. Cameron Hall

Lt. Cameron Hall, we are grateful for your service


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, so very sorry. It's unfair.

I'm a physiologist at the Naval Air Systems Command, currently in Norfolk but based out of Patuxent River NAS. I knew Cameron and am still shocked at the news. I worked with him for a short time at the end of 2005, while he was still at VAW-117. What a memorable, vibrant, feisty, funny, and likable guy! He helped make my work at Pt. Mugu worthwhile; he showed me around, made the introductions, made plenty of jokes, and made sure I was able to get things done.

I wish his family and friends peace, and I hope they find some comfort in the fact that Cameron touched many others with his energy and kindness. He had a smile that lit up a room. He made me and others laugh a lot.

His life was not in vain. He won't be forgotten.


Maura Rudy

Unknown said...

I am from Natchitoches, LA and I've known Cameron since he was 9 years old. He was my brother's best friend and he was always at our house. Over time I too became his friend and considered him another little brother.
He was one of the happiest people I knew. He always had a good outlook on life. And he had a great since of humour.
In the past several years we would only get to see him at Christmas and sometimes Thanksgiving or Easter. I always looked forward to hearing his stories of life in the navy. And when he told them they were always hilarious.
We are going to miss Cameron immensely and I cannot imagine not seeing him again.
Cameron is a true American Hero!

Matt Dawson
Pineville, LA

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Thank you, Maura and Matt, for sharing memories of Cameron. I didn't know him but I know his Aunt Shannon who is a special person ... and she shared what a special young man he was.

A testament of what someone meant to people is how much they are missed when they are gone ... and it sounds as if Cameron will be sorely missed. The bittersweet memories are what is left....

God bless.

Ragin Dawson said...

I am Matt's sister-in-law. Cameron and Mark were best friends so i have had the pleasure of having known Cameron for the last seven years. All that everyone says of him is true. When i first met my husband and his family Cameron was one of the first people to break the ice. He was quick to befriend me. It was a great honor to have known him. Each time the family would get together Cameron was just assumed to be there. He was considered another son and brother. He was always making us laugh, whether it was playing games or telling stories of their childhood and later his military service, there were never dull moments. Cameron's smile and humor was enough to infect anyone. Hearing this news was and still is devistating to us all. It's hard to think that when we go to Natchitoches again for the holidays that he won't be there to cut up with the guys. He will be sadly missed and is greatly loved.

S. Taylor said...

I am Cameron's Aunt. I just want to thank everyone that has posted. These comments have helped me to know Cameron a little better.
I can tell you this much, he was the light of many peoples lives. Those memories he created with all of you will be there in your hearts forever,just as I have special memories of a sweet little boy at his first Christmas.
Thank you all for being his friends.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

To Shannon and all who knew Cameron ... our prayers and thoughts are with you.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." --John 15:13

Anonymous said...

I'm Mike Dawson, Matt and Mark's dad, and Ragin's father-in-law. Reading all the heartfelt responses from so many of Cameron's friends and colleagues warms the heart, but rents and tears it as well. It was such a priviledge to watch him grow up over the last 20 or so years.

The neighborhood we lived in was just about perfect for growing up. There were scores of kids on every block. They organized basketball games, lowering the goal where they could dunk it..boxing matches on the trampoline and all the things boys do. It was for Cameron, and all of us, a wonderful growing up time.

The time goes by so fast...turn around twice and "kids" turn into young adults.

Without a doubt, it was a life cut short. Perhaps short on quantity, but high on quality. Things beckoned him. When service to his fellow countryman beckoned, he raised his hand, saying "I'll go."

Adventure beckoned, and he said "I want to do that.." He used to tell us what a kick in the pants it was to launch from the ship... and try to land on the pitching, yawing deck of what looks to be a postage stamp. There is that great line from J. Magee's 1941 poem "High Flight" that I thought of the line which reads...."Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth of sun-split clouds - and done a hundred things that you have not dreamed of.."

Cameron was so proud of his Irish ancestory and of his immediate and extended family. He spoke so often of his grandfather, aunts and uncles in upstate New York that I felt as though we knew them. I distinctly remember one St Pat's day, when WTBS was showing the "Quiet Man" for about the 15th time, Cameron wondered in and said,"That's Mom's favorite show," and we all watched it together.

I apologize for the length...I could write a book. Cameron, we love you. You will forever be in our hearts. When we pass into the next life, wait for us... just inside the eastern gate.

Mike and Jerry Dawson
Natchitoches, Louisiana

Anonymous said...

My Family had the pleasure of having to have known Cameron. He is our nephews friend (Mark Dawson), Cameron came and stayed with us up in seattle a few times. The last time I saw him was when he had a training flight to the Seattle area. All he could talk about was flying, he loved it. Im very sad to have lost him in my life. His parents must have been very proud of him.
Andrew Fortier

Anonymous said...

My Family had the pleasure of having to have known Cameron. He is our nephews friend (Mark Dawson) Cameron came and stayed with us up in seattle a few times. The last time I saw him was when he had a training flight to the Seattle area. All he could talk about was flying, he loved it. Im very sad to have lost him in my life. His parents must have been very proud of him.
Andrew Fortier

Anonymous said...

I met Cameron through the Dawson's when I moved to Natchitoches in 1993. Being an Army Brat, I always felt like an outsider - especially in a small town like Natchitoches. Cameron made me feel like I belonged. I got to go to High School and College with him and the Dawson's. He was my brother-in-law and his brother, Matt and Mark Dawson's, best friend since childhood. They were always together even into adulthood. We always got to see each other for the holidays and I always looked forward the Cameron's visit. He had the best stories. He was so warm and inviting, quick to make a joke and make you laugh. In all honesty, I always had a crush on him. How could anyone not? He's such a great guy.

For those that have known him, I know you are feeling a tremendous loss. Stand strong and stand proud, because you have known one of our Nation's Best.

To Cameron's Family and girlfriend, word can't describe what you are going through but you are in my thoughts and prayers. We all loved Cameron so much. I'm so proud that I got to grow up with him too and be one of his friends. He will be sorely missed.

Anitra Kinder
Heidelberg, Germany

Anonymous said...

I served with LT Hall in 2003-04 while assigned to VAW-117. I remember him as a happy-go-lucky guy with a great since of humor... even as humor was occasionally directed at him. He was in the midst of a tremendous career as a naval officer. Although I havent had contact with him since 2004, the memories I have of him are a sign of just how memorable he was. Sympathy to LT Hall's family and loved ones.

B. Ludholtz

Anonymous said...

Cameron, a true friend, you will never be forgotten. My name is Eric Triche. I am one of Cameron's best friends. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family and the other pilots fams. I wanted everyone to know how fun Cameron was, how much he grew up during his tenure in the navy... in fact I could right a book on my experiences with Cameron and Brad. Here are some of my favorite memories of the man we called cam:

The time we got pulled over in texas on the way to our senior trip...

The time he ate a whole crawfish for a fishing lure at one of my birthday parties...

The time he was riding on the hood of a car going down the strip...

The time he was in the paper as a snowman in a childrens play...

The time he wrecked the jetski's...

The time we got lost in the woods, a whole square 3 acres...

The time he bought his own first Danger Ranger ( his truck), he was so proud...

His wee little irish quotes...

His fond memories of New York and his grand parents...

When he came back from the navy pimped out in bannana republic clothes, dressed to the nines...

His stage dance at the local saloon...

What a ham...

He left for the navy a boy,
he came back a man..

I will always love you Cam.

Eric Triche (A True Friend)

Anonymous said...

I was friends with Cameron at VAW-120. What a truly great person he was. He was one of the people I looked forward to seeing at work everyday. I never walked away from talking to Cameron without a smile on my face. I'll never forget him.
I'm so sorry for his loss...

Anonymous said...

I had the privalige of working with Cameron while in VAW-117 and He was one of my favorite officers, I was enlisted. He had a great spirit about him! I would lone him DVD's thats one thing I remember. He was a BIG cut up, a joker, a real funny guy and I aariciate that he supported me when I started doing stand up comedy by comeing to see me in Hollywood. That ment a lot. Hw was a GREAT human being and is sorely missed.

Rocky Roberts