Thursday, August 09, 2007

Team Spirit

Today's Richmond Times-Dispatch offers thoughts about Democrat House majority whip James Clyburn's recent comments concerning the war in Iraq. Team spirit?

Several days ago James Clyburn, the Democratic majority whip in the House, told The Washington Post that if Gen. David Petraeus presents a positive report about progress in Iraq to Congress next month, it could be "a real big problem for us, no question about that."
While conceding "none of us wants to see a bad result in Iraq," Clyburn lamented that good news from the war front might lead some Democrats to want to "stay the course." And that would be bad for Democratic unity.

Bad news from Iraq, then, would be good news for Democrats.

The TD goes on to say that, while bloggers were all over Clyburn's comments, they were practically ignored by the mainstream media, and ends by saying:
It's a no-no to impugn anyone's patriotism, of course. Mustn't do that. But we will say Clyburn seems to be a little short on, um, team spirit.

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