Friday, August 24, 2007

Jim Gilmore ... another run at public office?

Jim Gilmore, former attorney general and governor, conservative leader, UVa law school grad, former RNC Chairman, and author of the Virginia Patriot blog, has been traveling Virginia and talking about his political future, and he shared his thoughts Wednesday during a stop in Culpeper.

Speaking with the Culpeper Star Exponent, Gilmore explained why he was on his own listening tour of the state:
“This is an opportunity for me to get around the state and just listen a little bit about what we need to do to hold our Republican majority,” he said. “I want to get out here and re-establish the Republican philosophy.”
It's a surprisingly indepth article that offers a glimpse into Jim Gilmore's thoughts on a variety of issues including another run at public office. Read the entire article here.

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