Monday, August 27, 2007

Ross Mackenzie, retired from RTD, best editor out there....

Ross Mackenzie, who retired earlier this year from the Richmond Times Dispatch, is my favorite newspaper editor, as I've stated before. He speaks plain truth and common sense in a sea of media liberalism and, therefore, comes under attack from the lefties. He is the best part of the TD's Sunday edition ... I go immediately to his column before reading anything else.

Yesterday was another common sense column about the war, the libs, their outrage, the facts, their ignoring of the facts, and how we can and will win this war with no help from the anti-war protesters. He wrote:
The September debate over Iraq, more likely to resemble a raging, primal scream on the part of the left than a lilting September song, could lead to loss of the war - just as, not on the battlefield but in Washington, we lost the war in Vietnam.

You can't possibly mean that.

Oh, but I do. We had it won, even with the Communists operating from their privileged sanctuaries in Cambodia and the North. We won it in the Tet offensive, written by the media elite (too many of them hotel barflies trying to sound like Socrates) as a defeat for our side and sold as such in D.C. and - via television - in the nation's living rooms.
Read the entire article here.

I hope Mr. Mackenzie is around for a long, long time....

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