Sunday, August 12, 2007

Waynesboro News Virginian covers John Hager's visit to SWAC....

RPV Chairman John Hager's visit yesterday to the SWAC area Republicans is the front page top-of-the-fold story in today's Waynesboro News Virginian. In GOP chairman wants unity, reporter Alicia Petska did a great job highlighting the issues that were discussed along with Chairman Hager's plans to bring the Party back together after a contentious Primary season.

Even though we were in Staunton -- in the home territory of the News Leader -- there was no representative from them but, then, that's not anything unusual. They were MIA when 120 people turned out in November 2006 to see George Allen at Rowe's just before the election ... it was covered by Waynesboro but Staunton ignored it. Typical.

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