Thursday, August 09, 2007

This is the future of the Republican Party....

Have a house full of young people tonight for a cookout and bonfire (yes, I know, it is hot out there but it's the ambiance). They're still at it as I type ... roasting marshmallows around the fire and laughing and enjoying being together before the ones attending universities out of the area head back to school.

Out of the 20, many of them home school alumni, every single one is conservative and voted Republican.

One, transferring back from Tulane and always interested in politics in the past, talked with me a long time about the necessity to keep Virginia from turning "blue." I told him we were there working against the dems ... and he wanted to be sure I called on him to help in whatever way necessary during the fall campaign. This is the same young man who, during high school, volunteered at the polls in my District, worked headquarters, and attended Board of Supervisor meetings.

This is the future of the Republican Party. Things look good.

On a similar note, a new poll shows Republicans are swinging back to supporting President Bush. The report on August 9 from CNN's Political Ticker said:
"The gain in Bush’s approval is due entirely to Republicans coming home,” Holland said. “There was no change in the approval rating among Democrats or Independents between this poll and the last one, but Bush’s approval rating went up 16 points among Republicans since June.”
Things look good, indeed.

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