Monday, April 14, 2008

AG Bolling live blogs with CRs ... answers SWAC Girl's question

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling live-blogged this evening over at the College Republican Federation of Virginia blog, answering questions that had been submitted throughout the day.

SWAC Girl submitted a question:
Comment from Lieutenant Governor Bolling
Time: April 14, 2008, 6:05 pm

Comment from SWAC Girl
Time: April 14, 2008, 9:35 am

Hello LG Bolling,
Thank you for your leadership. The grassroots here in the SWAC area supported you wholeheartedly during the 2005 LG primary and race with two great events: one at Chairman Kurt Michael’s house, and one at Kevin Lacey’s horse farm.

Last year’s primaries caused deep divides in Republican units throughout the state. After years of asking our elected officials not to vote for increased taxes, some finally had enough and backed another candidate.

In Augusta County and Staunton the divide has been extremely evident as those who did not support the incumbent have been under attack since that time. The feeling appears to be that you do not challenge a Republican incumbent.

Should Republicans be free to support the candidate of their choice even if it is not the incumbent?

BTW, the College Republicans do great things. Kudos to Kevin and the others who are the future of the Republican Party.

Best regards,
Lynn Mitchell
Augusta County GOP
Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling responded:

Thanks for writing. It is always good to hear from you and my other good friends in SWAC. You have a great unit.

Absolutely, Republicans should be free to support the candidate of their choice, even if its not an incumbent Republican.

Incumbency does not guarantee us anything. In a democratic system of government we all have to stand for re-election from time to time, and we have to justify our continued service by the service we have provided in the past.

Public service is a privilege bestowed upon us by the citizens we serve, it is not a privilege to which we are entitled. If it were, we would elect people for life, not for two or four year terms.

By the way, I agree with your observation that the college Republicans do great things. I had the privilege of visiting with the CRs at JMU a few weeks ago, and I will be visiting with the CRs at UVA tomorrow night. I always remind them that the grassroots work they provide is critical to the success of our party.

So let me say that again tonight. To all the CRs…..THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO FOR THE GOP IN VIRGINIA!
Thank you, Lieutenant Governor Bolling. We are thankful for your leadership.

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Carl Kilo said...

Bolling gets it SWAC GIRL. He understands grassroots and what it means to be a Republican.
The revenge and rage Emmett is showing towards the Sayre supporters is uncalled for.
Local chairs should never be under pressure to support a incumbent. Emmett is spreading a "Fear Tactic" that will in the end...Kill the grassroots support that is so necessary to advance our cause.
The recent power play by Emmett is a perfect example of fear tactics....Challenge me and just wait...I will get ya!
Stand strong my friends.