Friday, April 18, 2008

Augusta: Electeds still don't know the rules....

Today's Waynesboro News Virginian reports that Larry Roller is appealing to the 6th District stating that he is chairman of Augusta County GOP. The very fact that some of the names he lists who have signed the petition shows he and the electeds still do not know the rules of the Republican Party of Virginia Plan of Organization. After botching their hijacking of last week's mass meeting because they were not prepared and did not know the rules, they continue to make mistakes.

When petitioning 6th District, signatures of those who attended the meeting are required. Listed in the newspaper, as reported to Bob Stuart by Larry Roller, are the names of Delegate Steve Landes, who did not attend the meeting, and "four members of the board of supervisors." I remember only two supervisors attending the meeting so how could the others sign the petition?

That is why the Party should be run by volunteer grassroots leaders ... and the electeds should tend to their elected positions. It's the checks-and-balances system to avoid a "Party Boss" scenario where the electeds run everything ... and the voters are not included in the process.

Every Republican elected official in Augusta County ... every single one -- and there is disappointment in some who are in that group -- is standing with Emmett Hanger against Kurt Michael.

Where are the checks-and-balances of that system? A volunteer ... is going up against the powerful people who run the county and state government. Is power that important to them?

Obviously the answer is ... yes.

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