Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Before you judge Augusta GOP....

Shaun Kenney, Brandon Bell, and Old Zach have all weighed in with varying opinions about the debacle going on within the Augusta County GOP.

They seem to think grassroots leaders are in this for some kind of heady power game while grasping at the reasons those leaders disagreed with Emmett Hanger. I believe someone mentioned social issues, which is not true. Our #1 issue with Emmett Hanger was taxes. He wanted to raise them on a consistent basis, lining up with Democrats and against Republicans (except the usual handful that voted to raise taxes on a regular basis) to do so.

I would caution you all to hold your thoughts until the facts come out. We are going to 6th District with this and it is not prudent to blast everything on the blogs at this time. Therefore, all who are judging those of us involved and guessing at our reasons are doing just that .... guessing. You have no facts and you have not talked with us.

So before you judge the Augusta County Republicans including Kurt Michael and Lynn Mitchell, you may want to hold your fire until the facts come out. You just may be surprised and, possibly, end up with a little egg on your faces.

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