Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shenandoah Valley ... other signs of spring

Baseball bats, frisbee, Nerf football, bucket of baseballs, baseball gloves are left neatly on the picnic table....

I looked out the window this morning and smiled. Left neatly on the picnic table ... but not quite brought inside and put away ... were the other signs of spring in the Valley. Outdoor sports equipment was a reminder of a perfect spring day.

Yesterday was beautiful ... sunny, 77-degrees ... with a warm breeze that had everyone heading outdoors to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Mowing and weeding were later followed by relaxing and chatting with friends while sitting in the back yard, then utilizing the baseballs and frisbee and Nerf football. The crack of the bat sent kids and adults scrambling.

The day ended as we finally fired up the grill and kicked back for the evening. I'm glad we were able to enjoy yesterday because today is chilly with temps in the 40s and light rain.

It's spring in the Valley....

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