Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Augusta Republican: "Thank you for your leadership, Dr. Kurt Michael"

[April 15, 2008: Received from a participant in last week's Augusta County Mass Meeting, a military mom whose husband is a veteran....]

Dr. Michael,

I would like to take this opportunity to address my reflections of the GOP Mass Meeting.

Thursday evening, April 10, 2008, I attended the Republican Mass Meeting at the Government Center in Verona. I understood the meeting was for the purpose of electing a permanent chairman for the Augusta County GOP as well as the Augusta County GOP Committee. In addition, on the agenda was to elect 6th District delegates and delegates to state convention. I went with the attitude of participating in an orderly and fully functioning democratic process, taking no more than two hours.

What an absolutely despicable display of behavior by those people who literally ambushed the meeting away from Dr. Michael, making a complete and utter mockery of this democratic process!

Once Mr. Bailey commanded the podium completely unprepared to lead and, worse, not even understanding how to conduct the Mass Meeting, bedlam took hold. Minute by minute, hour by hour, the meeting was gripped by confusion over voting procedures, disorder and lack of steady leadership causing complete breakdown of any sense of order. It was a total sham!

Dr. Roller, who was supposedly elected permanent chair under questionable voting rules, approached the podium. He proceeded to spew forth attack after attack directed at those who devoted more time, energy, effort to the GOP of Augusta County than I would dare say anyone across the aisle would be willing to even consider giving. He sounded as though he had never been a part of the GOP. Bashing the core of the committee is out of line.

I am even more disappointed to see our elected officials act and support such misconduct that was taking place. My respect for them has diminished and I will think harder in the voting booth next time!

Looking across the aisle and seeing familiar faces and friends who also stood in alignment with such revilement saddened me.

Sitting for over four hours of nothing but political posturing was certainly not how I expected to spend my 38th wedding anniversary.

We are each blessed to live in a great nation with more freedom than any other country. The world is watching us as we press through this presidential election. Glad they cannot see how badly behaved and conniving some of our local officials are.

The GOP of Augusta County has operated under absolute legal guidelines in all it has done. It has upheld the conservative traditional values set forth by the Republican party. That statement has not always held true to those in elected office.There has not been any reason to question the actions of those who serve on the official Augusta County GOP, standing solidly on the principles of the party.

Dr Michael is a gentleman of Christian values, integrity, patriotic, and so committed to God, family, and country! I have absolute confidence and respect for Dr. Michael. I support him as the GOP chairman of Augusta County. God Bless America!

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