Saturday, April 19, 2008

Augusta: The feedback begins ... Part 2

[Email reprinted with permission of the author]

Please hang in there. I have told many people over the last couple of years about what a difference you, Kurt, and others have made in re-invigorating a county committee that had not been active for almost 10 years. And, even then (10 years ago), you have to go back to the mid-80s to find anywhere close to the number of volunteers (and corresponding activity) as I have seen the last two or three years.

As you know, we have begun a turn-around here in Chesterfield County after several years of decline. We are fortunate here to have both conservative activists and elected officials coming together to make that happen.

While that does not appear to be something that will happen in the near furture in Augusta, it is important nonetheless to continue to keep people involved and bring more and more new folks to the committee and get many more than that involved in campaigns.

Your approach is the right one. Rather than locking the doors and trying to keep the committee small, as we have seen elsewhere this year, you have been inviting people in, even some who ended up siding against you. While it may be discouraging at the moment, in the long run it will pay the biggest dividends - especially if you continue to recruit new members and volunteers.

So, please hang in there. If there is anything I can help with, please let me know.

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