Thursday, April 17, 2008

Augusta County GOP ... more speak up

Carl Kilo continues to have our backs in the Augusta County GOP mass meeting debacle as he points out today that there were glaring irregularities involved in the mass meeting.

Bob Stuart gets his facts wrong in an article in the Waynesboro News Virginian. He wrote:

But charging several irregularities, Michael convened a second meeting late Thursday night and defeated Roller 57-2.
No, that is not what happened.

A second meeting was not convened. The first meeting was never adjourned ... and the arrogance of those running it caused them to walk away without correcting their mistake even though it was pointed out with numerous "points of order" that were called out from the audience including Kurt Michael.

Powerful electeds -- every elected from Augusta County -- are at play here against the upshot unpaid grassroots volunteers who dared to support someone other than the incumbent. And, yet, those electeds could not run a mass meeting because they had not prepared and did not know the rules.

Johnathan Maxfield has posted most of Kurt Michael's two-minute speech to the audience.

Spank That Donkey asks Is it just me, or are public officials just plain arrogant? He also has the minutes from the mass meeting published for all to see.

Yankee Philip nails Brandon Bell for his disparaging remarks about Augusta volunteers, and follows up with I guess Fred Anderson already decided????

The condescending attitude of many of those in elected office toward those who pounded their yard signs to get them in office is startling.

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