Tuesday, April 22, 2008

LTE: "Kurt Michael a positive force in Augusta GOP"

Op-Ed by Joyce Sikes
April 21, 2008

I have been associated with the Augusta County Republican Committee since the early ’90s. I can remember when only a handful of people would come for the monthly meetings, there would usually be no agenda, no activity and little money. Of course with an organization being so passive with inactivity, and having small active membership, we were not voicing opinions that could be heard or recognized. This was definitely a committee that was “safe” since we were basically “invisible” and did not raise questions or hold accountability.

The county accepted the “Good Old Boys” for the leadership and in political arena. Little was happening in the county for growth and development, either.

Then change came to the county and our political arena. Our GOP needed to step up to meet the challenges. I feel we were very lucky to get Kurt Michael in as part of the GOP leadership. With Dr. Michael as chairman, he brought enthusiasm, accountability, and dependability. The active and inactive membership grew in leaps and bounds. The Augusta County Republican Committee achieved a voice that could be heard and recognized, with local community activities and in politics.

Kurt Michael brought education and support to the committee, which in return enriched our community.

I do not feel it bad that he did not support a long-term political player, Emmett Hanger. He supported the other candidate, Scott Sayre, with open honesty. When Sayre lost to Hanger, Kurt in open honesty turned his support to Hanger. I still believe it is OK to agree to disagree.

I will certainly miss Dr. Kurt Michael as chairman of the Augusta County Republican Committee. His new, young blood brought life to a dying committee. Things do change and move on.

Kurt, thank you for all the time and energy that you have given to our County and our GOP as chairman.

Joyce Sikes resides in Augusta County.

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