Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sights of spring in the Shenandoah Valley....

The garden is tilled, potatoes have been planted, jonquils are blooming, and the peach trees are in full bloom

The yard is a riot of color with spring trees and flowers in stark contrast to the winter woods on the ridge behind.

Several varieties of jonquils shared by my mom and aunts ... "memory" jonquils.

Bradford pear (white), peach (dark pink), flowering plum (light pink) trees. Mom ate a peach the year we moved in and planted the pit in the garden, saying that her father used to plant their fruit trees that way. That's the tree beside the stack of wood.

Jonquils bloom at the base of a river birch. The flowers and tree came from my mom ... the picket fence was made by SWAC Husband from old loading dock pallets.

While driving through Augusta this morning I noticed the greening fields throughout....

Clouds were low over the mountains and fog was on the mountaintops as a neighbor farmer put out hay for his cattle.

Clouds are moving in although it is partly sunny this morning ... rain may arrive tonight.

Hay bales are lined up waiting for use....

Tater and Max wait for SWAC Daughter to feed them....

A row of these weeping flowering cherry trees are at Rowe's Restaurant in Staunton.

Elliott's Knob, North Mountain, Crawford Mountain

I was out and about early today ... a beautiful spring morning in the 40s with temps heading up to a high in the 60s. It was partly sunny but fog was on the mountaintops and clouds were on the horizon with rain moving in this evening. Someone was mowing and the smell of freshly-cut grass made me breathe deeper ... what a beautiful day!

It's spring in the Valley....

Photos by SWAC Girl
Lynn R. Mitchell
April 2008

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