Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yankee Phil nails Roanoke Red Zone

Yankee Phil takes Brandon Bell to task for lashing out at Augusta County volunteers. In "Re: Phonebooth Republicans," Phil stands up for the grassroots volunteers, of which he is one, and rebuts Brandon's irrational arguments. In response to Brandon's comment that, "Anyone who has been involved in politics for a while knows that these mass meetings are never perfect. They are run by volunteers. Not professionals," Phil responded:
The people who took over the meeting were professionals, not volunteers. They should have known what was expected. They should have known that mistakes were being made.

People were pointing out these mistakes. Many in the crowd were pointing them out. The temporary chair took his ball and went home because the other guys were pointing out his mistakes. The people,the volunteers saw that the electeds were changing the rules, making mistakes, and making a power grab. The electeds said "We are changing the rules." The electeds were stacking the deck. They brought in 74 people in just one district. In the regular election, that district accounts for about 15% of the voting population. The night of the mass meeting, that district had over 30% of the mass meeting votes. 74 votes amount to over 50% of Dr.Roller's votes.
Read the rest of the post; it gets better! Meanwhile, John Maxfield adds his two cents' worth, and the Right-Wing Liberal adds more of his thoughts.

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