Sunday, April 20, 2008

Augusta: Kurt's fundraiser for Bill Bolling

In 2005 Bill Bolling was in a race for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor against Sean Connaughton. Less than a week before the June primary, Kurt and Pam Michael hosted a fundraising event at their home in Fishersville that brought out 70 people, and thousands of dollars were raised for Bill.

Kurt and Pam paid for the food and I catered. It was a grand event, we all had much fun with the Bollings, and the limeade was the hit of the evening! I played bartender so was able to talk with everyone as they came to the kitchen island (bar) for iced tea, limeade, lemonade, coffee, or water.

It was but one of the many activities we have done throughout the years for the Augusta County Republicans and candidates.

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