Thursday, September 18, 2008

In and around downtown Richmond....

Photos by SWAC Girl
September 12, 2008


Joe Friday said...

Hello Lynn,

What is the purpose of the photos?

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Do we ever really need a "purpose" for photos, Tom?

They are a window onto the world ... and I happened to be in the Richmond part of the world last week ... old stomping grounds ... and took photos that I am now sharing.

I love the old Richmond and the new Richmond. Who knows what photos will show up next!

Joe Friday said...


Must be a girl thing??


I grew up in and around Richmond and don't share the fondness for the place others who haven't seen it change in the last 50 years. Homosexual and liberal heaven with a large serving of murder, crime and corruption.

You certainly have a good eye for photography, I guess I just know too much about the place and the people in it.

Sorry about my negative view of the place.

I prefer your part the state so much more, don't know why you would want to come down here and slum.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

I know the dark side of Richmond, too, but prefer to see the beautiful areas and the architecture of new and old buildings.

I love the Capitol and that area ... I miss Miller & Rhoads and Thalhimers. I spend my young adult years working in Capitol Square.

Richmond at Christmas can be enchanting ... Richmond in summer can be a beast with all that heat and humidity.

Thanks for the nice comment about my photography. If I see something that looks interesting, I take a picture and often share it on my blog.

I prefer where I live in the Valley, too ... but I haven't forgotten the area where I grew up. I have no plans to move back to Richmond ... I love living in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. :)

Watch for autumn photos to start showing up soon ... we are getting close to leaf season....