Saturday, February 25, 2012

2 more Americans killed in Afghanistan ... where's our apology from Karzai?

With two more killings of Americans in Afghanistan, following two U.S. troops who were killed a few days ago -- one from Roanoke, Va, who was a family member of Bearing Drift colleague Ken Falkenstein -- I have to say that former Green Beret and war journalist/photographer Michael Yon has a point in his Facebook status update this morning:
Two US Officers Killed

Just got a note from Kabul that we lost two officers to a shooting in Kabul. Apparently another insider attack.

This American demands an apology from Karzai for all of the insider attacks killing Americans and our Coalition partners. If Karzai refuses to apologize, we should cut off aid before 01 March.

Discontinue all operations not directly related to counterterrorism. Relax rules of engagement to what is permitted within the Geneva Conventions. Utterly destroy Taliban and other enemy sanctuary using open warfare. Discontinue all COIN work. Make the enemy afraid to mention our names for fear of causing us to appear.

When we leave Afghanistan, the enemy should be completely humiliated and never in question about who was put in their place. There are many peaceful and very good Afghans. They, too, will suffer if we leave the Taliban and other enemies in a proud state.
I am still disturbed that President Barack Obama apologized to Afghanistan after two of our soldiers were killed and, since then, two more apologies have been offered up by our government because of the accidental burning of Qurans.

As I wrote yesterday, no one deserves to be killed over the burning of a book ... any book. Ever. Two U.S. troops and two American advisers are now dead at the hands of supposedly-friendly Afghans, and the Taliban calls for more killings as they incite crowd riots shouting, "Death to America."

Remind me again that Islam is a religion of peace....

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Cindi said...

With my eldest son and his unit heading to Afghanistan this month this is really upsetting me. It was my understanding that if the Koran was in any way defaced it had to be destroyed by fire. It was also my understanding that the books burned had been defaced by writing from prisoners in them. I agree we need to put a stop to all this and we need to do in a strong way, not whimp away with our tail between our knees. If my son and others are willing to risk their lives for our country we need to not let them die in vain.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Cindi, please tell your son that we are grateful for his service to help protect the freedoms we enjoy. We are also grateful to you and and military families who sacrifice with loved ones in the military. Offering up prayers for his safe travels and for your family while he's gone....