Thursday, February 16, 2012

Removed Republican leaders Cantor, Bolling, Cuccinelli, Howell reinstated to local GOP committees

Slowly but surely, Virginia's top Republican electeds are being reinstated to their local Republican committees after they were removed in 2011 for endorsing an Independent candidate.

Republican Delegate Bill Janis left the Party and ran as an Independent for commonwealth's attorney in Henrico in November and, when he was endorsed by various Republicans, they were tripped up by a Republican Party of Virginia bylaw. It demanded removal from the Party of any offenders who publicly endorsed a candidate running against the Republican candidate.

Even if that Republican happened to be House Majority Leader Eric Cantor or Lt. Governor Bill Bolling. Even if it was Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli or House of Delegates leader Bill Howell and others who were promptly removed from their local GOP rolls.

At the time, the news of the Congressman, LG, and AG's removal went nationwide. Now they're back but there are others throughout the Commonwealth who were removed from committees for the same reason. Wonder if they will be reinstated....

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