Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Democrat Bob Beckel picks George W. Bush as one of his two favorite presidents

"The Five" celebrated Presidents Day by choosing their favorite presidents. (See video.) This Fox News Channel show, made up of five rotating panelists, has them sitting around a table discussing the day's events or top issues. I've actually found it to be very interesting at that 5:00 hour of the afternoon.

On Monday, Bob Beckel took the reins to ask each of his fellow "Five" members who was their favorite American president. George W. Bush was chosen by former Bush staffer Dana Perino. Ronald Reagan was chosen by Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld. Kimberly Guilfoyle chose Thomas Jefferson.

But the big surprise of the day was Democrat Bob Beckel. After noting that he had two choices because they never receive recognition, he went on to say that Israel was our closest ally in the Middle East and Jimmy Carter was responsible for the Camp David Accords.

His second choice, Beckel went on, was George W. Bush for the good work and help provided for Africa to fight AIDs. Beckel noted that history will probably recognize this down the road because it is believed Bush helped save millions of lives, something he never receives recognition for. Beckel said, "He's going to be recognized by this Democrat."


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