Monday, February 13, 2012

Augusta County online survey asks about budget needs

Are you worried about funding for schools? Disappointed that Craigsville Elementary and Shenandoah Valley Governor's Schools may be on the chopping block?

Take the online survey from Augusta County asking opinions about the direction of the county. Copy it and send to others. Let your supervisors hear from you about keeping Governor's School open, maintaining education funding, economic development, funding fire and emergency, and JOBS JOBS JOBS.

I took the survey and responded to questions such as:

- Are you satisfied with the services the county provides?
- List the importance of services currently provided.
- With the facing a 2013 budget shortfall if all current programs are continued, check the best way to handle that shortfall.
- What are the most important challenges facing the community in the coming year?

The Augusta County Budget Survey only takes a few minutes but could get your opinion to the supervisors who are facing major challenges and choices in these tough economic times.

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