Friday, February 10, 2012

Voter registration by Party has been killed in state senate

So much for voter registration by party ... again. Four Republicans defected: Harry Blevins, Walter Stosch, Frank Wagner, and my parents' own senator John Watkins.

With Democrats voting down Party lines, any Republicans crossing over would have finished it.

SB 62 Primary elections; adds party affiliation to application when registering to vote.

floor: 02/09/12 Senate: Defeated by Senate (16-Y 24-N)

YEAS--Black, Carrico, Garrett, Hanger, Martin, McDougle, McWaters, Newman, Norment, Obenshain, Reeves, Ruff, Smith, Stanley, Stuart, Vogel--16.

NAYS--Barker, Blevins, Colgan, Deeds, Ebbin, Edwards, Favola, Herring, Howell, Locke, Lucas, Marsden, Marsh, McEachin, Miller, J.C., Miller, Y.B., Northam, Petersen, Puckett, Puller, Saslaw, Stosch, Wagner, Watkins--24.

RULE 36--0.


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