Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Allen says cost of gas fill-up has risen $30 since Obama became president; PolitiFact says ...

"We have high gasoline prices which are costing us about $30 more for each fill-up than the cost was when President Obama came into office."  George Allen, Republican U.S. Senate candidate (Feb. 6, 2012, audio with Bearing Drift website)
PolitiFact Rating: Mostly True.

If there's one thing George Allen knows, it's the price of gasoline at the pump and energy issues; indeed, he was once part of the American Energy Freedom Center. His Blueprint for America's Comeback includes his plans for unleashing America's plentiful energy resources and creativity (American Energy Freedom Act).

When Allen says gas has risen $30 since Obama became president, he's pretty much on target.

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Test Only said...

I remember two things when I started driving in Florida. 1) There was a cut rate gas station that occasionally sold gas under 20 cents a gallon and 2) when Jimmy Carter was elected we could only buy gas on certain days, we waited an hour or two to fill up, people were always anxious and filled up with a ¾ full tank, and gas lid locks became standard because of the theft.

One of the advantages in electing George Allen is that he will take on extremists like Dept. Energy Steven “I hate Coal” Chu. Speaking for someone up here in NoVa who works in data centers (which consume the electricity of a town) we need a senator who will guarantee that Virginia coal plants are completed and unmolested by radical environmentalists. The new plants will have some of the best scrubbing technology so it’s a win all around.