Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Fleurs ... sammies ... the language of seestors

Fleurs ... sammies ... seestors. It's a language all its own.

What is it about sisters that is so very special? Growing up as one of three girls (my poor dad ... he was so outnumbered), my sisters and I came up with our own language that has endured throughout the years ... silly speak  that may sound strange to others but is perfect for us.

Even as adults with grown children, we still speak the language of sisters.

"Sammies." We were saying it long before Rachel Ray came up with this nickname for sandwiches. "Bissies" ... that's biscuits, of course.

"Fleurs," something I saw on Melissa Kenney's Facebook wall today which is what made me start thinking about this ... is a mainstay. We don't have "flowers" but, rather, "fleurs" when speaking of those beautiful scented gifts from God's outdoor palette. Melissa is a kindred fleur spirit.

And we, of course, are "seestors." Not sisters but "seestors," plain and simple. Our names are even abbreviated to the first two letters of each and spoken in that way. "Lynn" is simply "Ly."

It's not unique to us ... others use some of the same shortcut names we've adopted. For us, however, it's our own secret code that we've carried since childhood.

Valentine's Day is a week away. Fleurs, anyone?

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