Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Thousands descend on VA Capitol to fight for school choice, homeschooler sports access, teacher rights

"Nearly 800 people, from children in plaid uniforms to legislators in pinstriped blazers, rallied outside the Capitol this morning in favor of greater school choice, including more options for charter schools, home schooling and faith-based private schools," wrote Kathy Adams at the Virginian-Pilot on Tuesday.

The Virginia State Capitol was so crowded at one point that the fire marshal shut down the House and Senate galleries, forcing spectators to wait outside or try to gain access later in the day. Thousands, including grassroots activists with Americans for Prosperity, roamed the Capitol grounds and General Assembly Building hoping to catch a few moments with their legislators.

High profile bills pertaining to homeschooler sports access, charter schools, and teacher contracts are on the docket this week in the House, swelling the number of citizens who both support and disagree with the legislation. In a year when the General Assembly is working its way through a "long session" that is scheduled to end in mid-March, it's a sure thing they will hear from many more constituents in the weeks to come.

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