Thursday, February 16, 2012

In memory....

In memory of classmate Jim Dwyer who passed away this week.

They knew us when ... those childhood friends who were there when we were young. Some were close ... others were in classes with us ... all have been special as we're kept in touch or reacquainted over the years.

One of those was Jim Dwyer ... Jimmy in school ... handsome, personable, athletic. He attended our high school class reunion in October 2011 in Richmond and I've heard classmates say this week they are so glad they got to see him one last time.

Jim passed away Monday. A picture of health at the reunion, he was attacked by a particularly vicious form of cancer in the weeks after that joyful gathering and it took him within a few months. He is survived by his wife and eleven-year-old son.

It's yet again a reminder of how brief life is and how precious those friends are who have come and gone in our lives. Jim's passing has once again brought the classmates together to reminiscence and mourn, to talk about those years when we were young and indestructible with all our dreams ahead of us.

Thank you, God, for my family and friends. Prayers go to all those with aching hearts who loved Jim.

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