Friday, March 30, 2007

The Amish, pretzels, and the Farmers Market

My daughter and I had a date today to go shopping in Harrisonburg so, on our way, we stopped at the Dayton Farmers Market for a soft pretzel. If you've never tasted one of the big soft pretzels made by area Mennonites you've missed a treat. They are ... absolutely ... the best!

After buying pretzels, we went outside to sit in our vehicle and talk and eat before driving on to Harrisonburg. We were parked next to the hitching post (sign says, "For Horses Only"). While sitting there, an Amish horse and buggy pulled in and parked, four brethren unloaded, hitched up the horse, and went shopping at the market.

That's part of what I love about living in the Valley. How many people are able to enjoy the beautiful Blue Ridge, Alleghany, and Massanutten mountain ranges every day of their lives, shop at an old-fashioned farmers market, and park beside a horse and buggy?

Many wouldn't want to ... but I thrive on the slower pace of rural western Virginia.

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