Monday, March 05, 2007

Kilo tells it like it is

Richmond Democrat felt snubbed by the Virginia Blog Carnival and decided to begin his own carnival. Although he was given every opportunity every week just like everyone else, to add to the group of entries, he didn't (except on two occasions including this week). Plain and simple.

Kilo calls him on it with The Richmond Democrat and the VBC. Leslie Carbone calls him to task with Real Virginia Blog Carnival. And Badrose has My Thoughts on the VA Blog Carnival.

Speaking of Badrose ... she is the host for the next VBC so be sure and send submissions to her.


Staff said...

Actually Lynn, I plan to submit to VBC in the future.

John Maxfield and Spank That Donkey have already submitted to "The Carnival of Virginia," so instead of judging why don't you submit to both?

The more the merrier.

Carl Kilo said...

Thanks for the link!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

JC, a submission had been added to your carnival.

Kilo, you're welcome my friend.