Tuesday, March 27, 2007

President Jim Gilmore ... could it happen?

The Greater Richmond Convention Centre signs read, "Where Virginia meets the world." I consider that a good omen for someone who has thrown his hat into the 2008 presidential race.

Former Governor Jim Gilmore came home to Virginia Saturday carrying a vision and a dream to home-state Republican activists he had known for years. He wanted to include them in this journey that only a handful of elected officials ever have the opportunity to pursue. He was honest and frank as he shared his travels around the country in pursuit of the Presidency.

Conservative Republicans are looking for a leader who will carry the Party in the conservative direction of Ronald Reagan. They are looking for strong unwavering leadership ... and it's there in Jim Gilmore. Those attending Saturday's meeting were already familiar with his straight-forward leadership and they were ready to hear how they could help in a bid for President.

These are heady dreams for the Henrico County native who grew up as the son of a meatcutter and a church secretary ... a solid working-class family. He had a vision even when young and, if I remember the story correctly, when he was not included in the law class at UVa (just missing it by one), he camped outside the door when told if someone didn't show he would be allowed in the class. Everyone showed up but the adminstrator was so impressed by his tenaciousness that room was allowed for one more student. While at UVa he joined the College Republicans, attained statewide office ... and never looked back.

He went on to become part of the Army's counter-intelligence unit, then became known as a tough prosecutor in Henrico County, was elected Attorney General of Virginia, and then Governor from 1998-2002.

He was at the helm when 9/11 occurred. And that is what makes me impressed with the idea of Jim Gilmore as President. Nothing ... nothing ... is more important to this country than homeland security. Jim Gilmore served on the Homeland Security council for three years prior to 9/11 and another two years afterwards. He knows terrorists are the enemy. He knows we can't back down.

I asked someone who had worked with him over the years to describe the Governor: articulate ... solid conservative ... always says straight up what he means ... loyal, hard working dedicated Republican.

He's says it all right up front: His # 1 priority is fighting terrorism ... and that's what I care about most. His message has been well-received by firefighters, emergency workers, and other First Responders who know the importance of a strong homeland defense.

He ... keeps ... his ... word. Need proof? The car tax. He ran on that issue, and he followed through after becoming governor.

He outlined his priorities:
1) Need to be tough in the War on Terror.
2) Need strong leadership.
3) Need moral economic leadership.
4) Need secure borders. He doesn't believe in amnesty.

The people in that room Saturday were the ones who could help make Jim Gilmore's dream come true in Virginia. Contacting people, not only in Virginia, but also friends and acquaintances in other states will help spread Jim Gilmore's name so that it becomes more familiar. Tell folks about him and then add, “There’s no need to take my word on all this. Why not invite Jim Gilmore to your area and see for yourself?”

His strongest competition right now would appear to be Fred Thompson, another straight-talking conservative.

"Jim Gilmore for President." Do you want to be part of that dream? Check out http://www.gilmoreforpresident.com/ to sign up for updates, to research his issues and his background, to hear a video message from him, and much more.

Jim Gilmore said the things I wanted to hear. He's got my attention....

From http://www.gilmoreforpresident.com/:

Jim Gilmore ... Courageous. Consistent. Conservative.

Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore is the answer to the question being asked by Republicans all across the country: “Is there a strong, steady, electable, conservative Republican candidate for President of the United States?”

Jim Gilmore, 57, has exactly the credentials that most Republicans are looking for in their nominee for President. He is the leader Republicans can trust to stand for low taxes, secure borders, a strong national defense and the preservation of traditional family values.

Jim Gilmore is a “can do” leader who has devoted his life to the traditional values and principles that have been the hallmark of successful Republican candidates while focusing on technology and innovative ideas as the pathway to solutions for many of the problems facing America today.

A native of Richmond Virginia, Jim Gilmore is the son of a working class parents who served as a member of U.S. Army counter-intelligence; a tough crime busting prosecutor in Virginia; a popular no-nonsense Virginia Attorney General; and a former Governor who became a champion of the taxpayers by reducing taxes on working men and woman by $1.5 billion.

A graduate of the University of Virginia and the University of Virginia School of Law, Jim Gilmore is a former chairman of the Republican National Committee. Appointed by Congress as the chairman of a Congressionally created national commission charged with making recommendations on ways to prevent and respond to terrorism, which became known as the Gilmore Commission, Jim Gilmore has become a nationally known authority on homeland security.

Born in the historic fan district of Richmond on Oct. 6, 1949, Jim Gilmore is the son of a Safeway meatcutter and a church secretary. Jim Gilmore graduated from J.R. Tucker High School and studied foreign policy at the University of Virginia. While at UVA, Jim Gilmore joined College Republicans, and was elected a statewide officer, and met his wife Roxane. He and Roxane today are the parents of two sons, Jay and Ashton.

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