Friday, March 16, 2007

TOMORROW ... Support Our Troops Rally

"A Gathering of Eagles," a rally to support our troops, will be held tomorrow in conjunction with "A Gathering of Eagles" in Washington, D.C. While our patriot brothers encircle and protect the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall from vandalism threatened by ANSWER and anti-war activists, we will be at the Courthouse in Staunton to stand up to the local anti-war protesters.

More updates will be posted later today as we spend today preparing for tomorrow's rally. Renew your patriotic spirit ... come join us and publicly show support and gratitude to our troops and their families.

"A Gathering of Eagles"
Support Our Troops

Saturday, March 17, 2007
12:00 Noon
Augusta Courthouse, Staunton

Speakers, patriotic music, American flags!

Please join us.

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zen said...

So by "supporting the troops" do you plan to raise awareness of our military being sent to war under-trained, under-manned, under-equiped, under-armored, without a plan for peace, classified as "medically unfit," poorly treated after their sacrifices?

Or is your "support" limited to slogans, music and flags?

Basic question: Do you support sending troops into war unprepared?

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

1) Troops are not unprepared for war. That's a democrat talking point. Do you have someone there? Know someone who has served? Or are you just being point man for the libs to spin the war? I have someone in Iraq now. Others have gone and just returned. We're hearing first-hand about Iraq SPECIFICALLY because of the libs pushing their talking points. Talk to the soldiers. Nine out of 10 disagree with you about not being prepared for war. And, btw, I think they would consider it a huge insult and probably deck you.

2) What would you suggest as a way to fight terrorism? What would be your solution since you are ALWAYS so down on anything that is conservative/ Republican/ Bush. You guys are always so critical of everything that is being done. So give me YOUR solution to handling the aftermath of 9/11. But, remember ... you are now a Monday morning quarterback. You have a 5+ year advantage over President Bush ... he had to act immediately for the safety of the American people.

And I really don't intend to get into a word wrangle with you here like you're always doing with Steve over at RightsideVA.

3) You obviously have not read my previous posts about the miltiary or you would know all the various things we have done to "support the troops" and, no, it is not limited to holding signs, waving flags, and playing music. But it's important to show a public support to counter the anti-war protesters on the street. Will you be with them?

Did you attend Jason Redifer's funeral? Did you send a card or flowers or a meal to the family?

Did you attend Daniel Bubb's funeral? Send a card ... flowers ... a meal?

Did you attend Daniel Morris' funeral? Send a card ... flowers ... a meal?

Supporting the troops also means supporting the families. I have gone into this before and will not rehash it here ... search my blog for previous posts about this.

How old are you? You strike me as someone young, nieve, and looking at the world through rosy-colored glasses.

And before you think you've found another verbal battleground ... wrong. I won't waste time debating you when you're just there to push your talking points and not listening to anything that is said. I have better things to do and not enough time in the day as it is.

zen said...

1) In fact, to your surprise no doubt, I do know people who are/have served. But I suppose your answer is "yes" you do support sending troops into battle unprepared, as you only deny what has been widely know and acknowledge by the military itself. The soldiers I know are glad that the public is being made aware of the conditions they face.

2) Republicans have never much cared to listen to any alternative plans, so why should I expect them to now? One obvious solution would have been to stay after the terrorists that actually did attack us after 9/11, instead of creating more instability in the region, losing global support, and breaking the military in the process. I don't think you really care to consider any alternative, so what's the point of you asking.

3) No I've not read a lot of you blog. It's all very reactionary and extreme for my taste. But I do appreciate the care you show those in service—the packeges sent, etc.
I just disagree that putting the military recklessly into harm's way is a positive thing that should be encouraged. But again, I think it's really great that you obviously care very deeply for the families and their efforts. Do not assume that I do not because I cannot support a misguided war. Though I know you will.

I am old enough to recognize that going to war is an extremely huge undertaking. That it should always be a last resort. And it should be done with foresight and proper planning. Values that were not considered, and continue to be ignored by those that started this war.
My age is irrelevant is it not? It breaks my heart everytime I learn of another young life lost in this foolish endevour. The lies and the spin are really disgusting and the blood of the dead is on the hands of those that continue to push this war.

I don't come here looking to battle either. A thought provoking conversation was probably a bit too much to expect from you. None are as blind as those that refuse to see.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

None are as blind as those that refuse to see.

Typical Zen ... always has to give a personal zinger before leaving. That's a sign of insecurity, you know.

You refused to answer my question about an alternate plan for war which tells me you have no plan.

Do you think we should go into Darfur?

How old were you on 9/11? Do you remember the fear that day? The terror that they would hit again? The overwhelming love of country and fellow man that came over everyone?

If you can't remember that, you need to watch the Twin Towers crumbling, the airplane flying into them, everything that can remind you that WE WERE ATTACKED.

Reactionary? Then why did you come here? As I've told you on RightsideVA in the past, I had a sister involved in 9/11. It is very real to me and I will never forget. See the "Never Forget" memorial on my sidebar.

Other than that, nothing else you wrote is worth responding to because it's the same thing you've said as long as I've seen you posting -- bait, attack, belittle. Thanks but no thanks.

zen said...

We weren't attacked by Saddam or Iraq.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

We weren't attacked by Hitler or Germany either.

Nor Mussolini or Italy.