Sunday, March 25, 2007

Deo Vindice's take on Republican conservatism in the state....

James Atticus Bowden has a good take over at Deo Vindice on yesterday's RPV State Central Committee meeting and the question of conservative leadership within the party. His thoughts are not alone because there are many who share his concerns, perhaps more than RPV realizes. But this is not the place to discuss that. RPV has geared up under a new chairman, new executive director, and other new leadership so many are just getting to know them. Perhaps it's a little early, in their opinion, to "rock the boat" ... but the political waters are choppy.

It was great to meet Mr. Bowden face-to-face ... a fellow conservative blogger who works hard and represents his area on SCC. His voice was hoarse after being ill; I joked that at least it hadn't affected his writing. Pop on over and check out his post:

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