Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Failure to plant freedom there threatens freedom here...."

So the mainstream media and the liberals keep pounding on the President and the American people so that we will lose or withdraw from the war in Iraq. They are trying their darndest to have a repeat of Vietnam.

Ross Mackenzie of the Richmond Times-Dispatch has always understood what we're up against. In today's edition he said:

... the Democrats will keep pounding on Iraq (a) to achieve liberty's defeat there and (b) to regain the White House. Their principal acolytes in this two-fold enterprise will be those preening Hollywood twits and the press -- both cohorts as lopsidedly hostile to our success in Iraq now as they were to our success in Vietnam back when.

This ain't Vietnam.

Mr. Mackenzie continues:

The shortcomings regarding the U.S. enterprise against jihad have been primarily these:

First, the failure -- through relentless articulation -- to build and maintain public support for the task at hand. This struggle for our lives may prove the struggle of our lives. It certainly is the most serious threat to the free world since communism.

Second, the failure to boost military manpower to levels sufficient to meet our needs. Right now, the armed forces are undermanned, under-equipped, and under-trained. Readiness is marginal. Back-up forces are thin. The burden of service falls on far too few.

The media ... the arrogant liberal media who control most of the news going out to Americans ... know people are like sheep, and they know to give them just enough to keep them brainwashed, er, informed and they won't dig any deeper but believe what they hear. After they've fed them enough mush, they go out and conduct a poll ... and they're almost guaranteed to get the results desired.

This country could be a repeat of World War II with Americans feeling proud of their country and proud of their military -- if the media so chose. But that is not the agenda they want to push. And so they continue to make Americans fearful and turn them against the President, the military, and the war on terror. The arrogant, arrogant liberal media....

Chuck Schumer, that beacon of liberal garbage, said:

"This is a campaign. We are going to keep at it, and we are going to continue this discussion [of America's military involvement in Iraq] for the good of the country. And we believe the more it is debated and discussed, the more the difference between the parties is apparent to the American people, the less flexibility the president will have in maintaining his course."

"This is a campaign," he said. This is a political game for Schumer and the democrats.

This is not a game for President Bush and Republicans. This is a matter of life and death.

Mr. Mackenzie notes historian Paul Johnson's observations:

"I wish some of those who constantly criticize America's efforts and the judgment of President Bush would ask themselves this simple question: Would you really like to live in a world [of brute force] where the U.S. sits idly by and lets things happen?"

Would you really like it indeed? Where are the answers from the liberals? How would they have handled the protection of the American people after 9/11? Would they, like Zen the constant lib commenter, cop out on responding to the question by saying Republicans weren't really interested in a dem plan and so they weren't going to get into it? Puh-leeze.

Leaders lead. Liberals whine.

We're in a religious war that has no logical debate. Radical Muslims are just that: radical. They kill because of who we are and what they believe in. It will not end just because the democrats want to discuss it. But without strong leadership in place it will continue, and most probably right here on our own shores.

President George W. Bush went after the terrorists and crippled their lifelines: financial, habitat, communications. Our military hunted down and killed Sadam's sons and others who were kingpins in the terrorism network. Saddam paid terrorists (or their families) to participate in bombings worldwide. His cache of weapons was confiscated. His reign of terror was ended thus cutting off money to terrorism.

Liberals and democrats do not get it. But, as pointed out by Mr. Mackenzie:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali Muslim who became a member of the Dutch Parliament only to flee to the U.S. because of jihadist threats on her life, has a different view. She understands the fanaticism inhering in Islam -- that Islamist hostility to the West "isn't something that's caused by special offense, the right, Jews, [or] poverty. It's religion." She adds: "A free society should be prepared to recognize the patterns in front of it, and do something about them." But, she says, even now we may be "too weak to take up our role. The West is falling apart. The open society is coming undone."

Americans who sit around and do nothing, who do not respond to the liberals who lead anti-war protests marching against the President and America and our troops, are enabling the terrorists to get a foot in the door by driving a wedge in America. Their actions are treasonous in a time of war. And for those who do not remember ... America is at war.

The Hollywood crowd make me tired. What in the heck do they know about war or protecting this nation from terrorists? Yet they are given up-front coverage on a consistent basis by the liberal media. I don't care what Sean Penn has to say about any of this. The guy acts, for pete's sake. He know nothing about foreign policy.

Too bad singer/songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter had to weigh in by saying, "The Bush administration has made me more angry. I feel despair when I turn on the news or I read the newspaper. I feel despair that we're never going to be able to regain the respect of the countries of this world that we're putting our children in danger of not having a future."

I feel despair that I spent money for Mary Chapin Carpenter's CDs and that I actually liked her music. It turns my stomach to think of listening to her singing now ... and so I don't. My protest is to not give her anymore of my hard-earned money. She obviously is too much of a twit to understand that 3,000 innocent people died on 9/11 and that terrorists were the aggressors, not America.

A voice of reason does come out of the democrat ranks ... but it's too bad there aren't more. Democrat Representative David Obey of Wisconsin said:

"We don't have the votes to defund the war, and we shouldn't ... It's time these idiot liberals understood that."

Senator Gordon Smith (R-Oregon) agrees by saying:

"Congress is an institution incapable of playing commander-in-chief, and the Democrats are proving that."

I would suggest that democrats had better decide what part of the world they would like to align with. If they continue to sympathize with the terrorists they may want to join those terrorists in the Middle East. But get the heck out of Dodge because many Americans do not plan to give our country up to Muslims.

Mr. Mackenzie, please keep telling it like it is. And we, as Americans, must stand strong against not only terrorism but the liberal democrats and media who are selling out our own country.


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