Friday, March 02, 2007

Iraq debate held at Blue Ridge Community College

A debate was held yesterday at Blue Ridge Community College between two of the school's professors ... one who supports the troop surge in Iraq, and one who is against it.

I found it interesting the professor who supports the troop increase, Lee Lewane who is a retired Army colonel and teaches history, had actually been to war and had military service and background. He urged Americans to support President Bush in the war on terrorism.

The one against sending more troops, Erik Curren who teaches English, had been "a political consultant." Any takers on which Party he worked for?

I would like to answer a question posed by anti-war supporter Mr. Curren who asked, "What benefit have we gotten from Iraq?"

My response to him would be, "What part of no bombs falling on your head the past five years do you not understand?"

The Harrisonburg Daily News Record covered the debate here.


Spank That Donkey said...

Did you read the comment "We could be there (Iraq) for Fifty Years!"

Uh, Duh, Germany, Italy, Japan and Korea must also be disasters we have had troops permanently stationed there since 1945 and 1953 respectively.

That wouldbe 62 and 54 years... Those wars must have been disasters also for us?

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Chris, that was my same reaction to his comment. The guy doesn't appear to know his history.