Monday, March 19, 2007

"Win the War" bumper stickers available online....

"Win the War!" The response from the Silent Majority continues. Conservatives who are fed up with having a politically-driven liberal agenda jammed down their throats by the MSM and democrats are coming up with ways to show that they support the troops and the mission in Iraq.

Win the War signs, thanks to the ingenuity of "I'm-mad-as-hell-and-not-going-to-take-it-anymore" SWACer Alex Avery, have been cropping up all over the SWAC area as well as other regions of Virginia, giving a voice to the Silent Majority.

Another SWAC area resident, Craig Holt, had Win the War bumper stickers printed up ... demand was high and they are gone.

Now SWAC area resident Steve Brotzman has stepped to the plate. Check out Cafe Press for Win the War bumper stickers ( Steve has a Win the War bumper sticker on his vehicle and has been approached by people asking where he got it because they wanted one, too.

The undercurrent is growing as Americans react to the angry Left....

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