Sunday, March 11, 2007

Save Ann Coulter's column ... write newspaper

Lefty bloggers are trying to destroy Ann Coulter by having her advertisers and newspapers drop her. Stop them -- now.

Write to Peter Yates at the Harrisonburg newspaper and ask him to keep Coulter's column because the liberals have blown the John Edwards comment out of context. It's time to squelch the liberals' intimidation of conservatives. Please write today and ask to keep Coulter's column.


libhom said...

Why would you want to save a column by an anti-American extremist like Ann "Hate 911 Widows" Coulter?

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Now there ya go ... you've been paying too much attention to the mainstream media propaganda because anyone who knows anyone about the subject realizes that, like the John Edwards brouhaha, Ann didn't say she "hated" the 9/11 widows. But you'll believe what you want anyway.

I'm in Ann's corner ... you go, Girl!

Thanks for stopping by.