Sunday, March 04, 2007

Striking geopolitical similarities between Bush in Iraq and Teddy Roosevelt after Spanish American War

Chris at Spank That Donkey has researched many of Teddy Roosevelt's speeches and the history of his leadership after Raising Kaine's Lowell Feld made the comment that he is a Teddy Roosevelt admirer.

In this excellent post he compares the geopolitical similarities between Iraq and Roosevelt urging the building of the Panama Canal after the Spanish American War. He tells us:

In this speech he is describing the need to build the Panama Canal, and the aftermath of the Spanish American War, where we fought Spain to end 'Their' possession of Cuba as guaranteed by the 'Teller Amendment' and the Philippine Islands. A big note needs to be made on this point. The United States fought to free these nations from Spanish rule, and did so, just as we seek to establish a free and independent Iraq and Afghanistan. Here is the relevant passage from Teddy's speech, too which I am referring...

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John said...

We fought "to free these nations from Spanish rule"? Perhaps your complete ignorance of history explains your political leanings.

We bought the Philippines from France in the Treaty of Paris and then pummelled the people of the Philippines into subjugation. How do I know? My great-grandfather's diary of the war in the Philippines tells all about how we "freed the Philippines."

We then occupied the Philippines for fifty years and then "gave them their freedom" with numerous attachments which kept them subjegated to us for another fifty.

If comparing the Philippine-American War with the Iraq war is somehow supposed to make one feel better about the Iraq war, that is only possible if the reader has a complete disregard or ignorance of history. Hence, when you support this drivel it only hurts our efforts in Iraq. Please learn a little something about what you're talking about (and expect the same from others) instead of making our job harder.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Well! Mr. Smarty Pants! Obviously you are "way smarter than me."

But, wait! I see where your blog is titled "Why I'm Way Smarter Than You." Ah-ha.

That may explain the arrogance of your response. It's difficult to take what you say seriously when you act superior and condescending. Your interpretation of history is obviously different from mine but, then, I did not use your grandfather's diary as my guide.

Thank you for your comments.