Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More on success of troop surge ... and, yes, they DID find WMDs in Iraq

Anonymous left a drive-by comment on my post Did you hear the one where the troop surge is working? Anonymous wrote:

This is reality calling: the surge is not working and the imaginary WMDs are hidden under your bed. No idiot like an old idiot, I suppose.

First, I am always amazed, but no long surprised, that the libs cannot talk or write without name-calling and/or profanity ... and often hide behind the anonymous handle when doing so. It's as if they have this impotency about expressing themselves that transforms into school yard bullying tactics.

Second, it was established long ago that WMDs were discovered in Iraq over and over ... but the libs refuse to believe it. Who can blame them for their ignorance since the MSM refused to headline such discoveries. The MSM has done everything within it power to suppress this President and any good news coming out of this war. There is ample evidence of WMDs -- search "serin gas, mustard gas" for numerous articles.

Third, there is confirmation the troop surge is working. But, again, the MSM is suppressing that information even as it is going on.

Robert Kagan wrote an op-ed in the Sunday Washington Post that talked about how the surge is working ... and wondered how the mainstream media would handle it. He noted the press had hounded the Administration with the question, "What's Plan B if the surge doesn't work out" ... so his response to the MSM was, "What's your Plan B if it does?"

He goes on to say:

Leading journalists have been reporting for some time that the war was hopeless, a fiasco that could not be salvaged by more troops and a new counterinsurgency strategy. The conventional wisdom in December held that sending more troops was politically impossible after the antiwar tenor of the midterm elections. It was practically impossible because the extra troops didn't exist. Even if the troops did exist, they could not make a difference.

Four months later, the once insurmountable political opposition has been surmounted. The nonexistent troops are flowing into Iraq. And though it is still early and horrible acts of violence continue, there is substantial evidence that the new counterinsurgency strategy, backed by the infusion of new forces, is having a significant effect.

The MSM is dead-set on bringing down President Bush, turning the Nation against the war and, in the process, turning the world against the U.S.

Kagan ends his piece by saying:

No one is asking American journalists to start emphasizing the "good" news. All they have to do is report what is occurring, though it may conflict with their previous judgments. Some are still selling books based on the premise that the war is lost, end of story. But what if there is a new chapter in the story?

What if, indeed. Could we get out of the mindset of the Vietnam War era and move into the 21st century? It's time for the conservative baby boomers to step to the plate and take on their radical boomer siblings. It's time to speak up and show America for the wonderful Nation that she is ... for the good that we do in the world ... for the peacemaker that we are.

Take one hour to attend a Support the Troops rally ... write a letter to the editor to counter the angry, bitter Leftists in this country ... contact your representatives to let them know you support them because leadership can be a lonely job ... take an hour to speak up!

Let's move forward, America. It's time to get past Vietnam. We have the highest standard of living in the world, we are blessed with freedoms many only dream of ... we are a self-indulged Nation that doesn't appreciate what we have. We need to realize that, in the words of Ronald Reagan ...

"It's morning in America."

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Anonymous said...

"Mourning in America" indeed - where is Reagan when you need him? Now THAT was a leader, with the sense to "trust but verify." If only Bush could emulate him. (oh wait: cue the pardon for Libby, Abrams working overtime in the basement, but Ollie has left the reservation, though still at Fox...). When this thing is finally lost, you people already have your scapegoats: blame the media, blame the left. Wake up: Kagan & Friends created this clusterf*&k in Iraq, not the leftists, not the MSM.