Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is Sharia law emerging in Minnesota?

Spank That Donkey has a post about a Wall Street Journal article on cabbies at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport who are refusing to transport passengers with alcoholic beverages and other items they disapprove of, and even refusing transport to women who aren't wearing veils.

The WSJ wrote:

The events here suggest a larger strategy: By piggy-backing on our civil rights laws, Islamist activists aim to equate airport security with racial bigotry and to move slowly toward a two-tier legal system. Intimidation is a crucial tool. The "flying imams" lawsuit ups the ante by indicating that passengers who alerted airport authorities will be included as defendants. Activists are also perfecting their skills at manipulating the media. After a "pray-in" at Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., one credulous MSNBC anchor likened the flying imams to civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

As someone who flies occasionally, this really concerns me. Are we making Americans the second-class citizens in their own country? I haven't forgotten who flew those planes on 9/11.

Check out Spanky's post:

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