Friday, March 16, 2007

Snowy late winter day in the Valley

It's one of those "raw" late-winter days in the Shenandoah Valley when the heat from the woodstove feels good on a cold damp afternoon. What started last night as a cold rain turned into sleet this morning ... and then to snow which has been falling for several hours. There's about 2" of the white stuff outside now with no signs of it letting up. We're enjoying watching the winter wonderland as the chili pot bubbles on the stove.

Staunton and points east had rain earlier but at mid-afternoon we're hearing they are having snow, too. Points west of here are in snow. The second weekend of the Maple Festival in Highland County is this weekend and, since it was gorgeous and warm last week, traditionally the weather requires one weekend with snow. They've got it!

The "Gathering of Eagles" rally to support the troops will carry on tomorrow in Staunton. If our troops can serve in cold and heat and sand storms to keep us free from terrorism, we can certainly spend one hour in the cold in support and gratitude to them. Please come out and join us!


zen said...

It's a simple question:
Do you support sending troops into combat under-manned, under-trained, under-armored, "medically unfit?"

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Zen, chill. I'll respond in the OTHER place you commented. Meanwhile ... go outside and play in the snow and lighten up. Enjoy the winter wonderland.

zen said...

good... Cill indeed, it's cold. I had to drive through it, so while very beautiful, it also is a bit tretcherous.