Wednesday, March 21, 2007

George Allen working for Young America's Foundation

George Allen has been hired by the Young America's Foundation, a conservative political group based out of Northern Virginia that advances the ideas of President Ronald Reagan.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

"This is just absolutely perfect for me," Allen said, emphasizing that Reagan "inspired me personally to public service" when he asked Allen to chair Young Virginians for Reagan in 1976. In the job, Allen said, he will be "espousing and advocating the principles and ideals I have shared through the years with Ronald Reagan."

The Young America's Foundation, a nonprofit group, purchased the former Reagan ranch in California, which served as a western White House when Reagan was president. It also operates the Reagan Ranch Center, which a foundation spokesman called a "schoolhouse for Reaganism," in Santa Barbara, Calif.

As a member of the Reagan Ranch Board of Governor, Allen will be working side-by-side with another Board member, Kate Obenshain Griffin, former RPV Chairman.

The Times-Dispatch continues:

The job will give Allen a forum for addressing issues of the day and discussing Reagan's legacy, and it will allow him a platform for staying visible if he chooses to run for office again.

Allen's work will include doing a monthly radio show and representing the foundation in events that celebrate Reagan milestones, such as his birthday and the fall of the Berlin Wall, a foundation spokesman said.


CR UVa said...

Good for the former Senator. If he cannot work directly as a leader for our people, then helping to develop new leaders is the next best thing.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

I agree. Young America's Foundation works hard to develope future conservative leaders ... it's a group my parents have supported for years. I think it's exciting to think of George Allen as being a part of that organization representing a President he very much admired.

Anonymous said...

Good for George! It's beter than having a washed up political hack wandering the streets of the Commonwealth!