Monday, March 05, 2007

Ann Coulter said....

"An annoying typical Republican response to liberal hate speech is to attack one's friends in order to appease one's enemies. Democrats still hate the Republican appeasers; they just hate them a little less.

And when it comes time for the left to tear down the conciliators, these Republican 'moderates' won't have many friends left willing to defend them."

--Ann Coulter (from her book "Slander")


CR UVa said...

Well said. If many of these people bashing Coulter right now ignore what the Democrats are doing in the wake of this controversy, they may end up in the same place as John McCain. There are plenty of things that some conservatives have done wrong and should be called out for it, but these people do not realize they are playing right into their hands by apologizing everytime. If it were not for them, maybe George Allen would still be our senator.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Well said. I concur.